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last updated 25 August 2017

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Advanced Competition

The Advanced Tracking Competition is designed for Tracking Champions. They compete for the Vic Friezer Memorial Trophy.

The Competition was run on 6th May.

Tiki Friezer, as the daughter of Vic, and the judge on the day has in the past come up wit some truly fiendish articles that need to be found and indicated by the dogs. Past items have included teaspoons, small plastic balls and toys and fridge magnets. This year she excelled herself - not one dog found and indicated an article according to the rules. So it came down to the quality of the tracking.

Also a first this year - every dog scored points in the final (in the past some dogs have lost so many points that they have come out below zero). Points are lost for taking decoys, straying off course and needing to be put back on - and for failing to indicate an article.

The placings this year were as follows:

1st          Marnie and Ineke de Wit

2nd        Sharp and Graham Elven
               Quiz and Graham Elven
               Chester and Sandra Elliot

3rd        Daisy and Annie Howard

4th        Polly, with Mary O’Dwyer